Monday, July 11, 2011

Roger That; We Have a Go

We're back from our Cape Canaveral vacation. I'll tell you more about the adventures and events surrounding the launch, but suffice it to say that the trip was definitely "an experience."

The launch was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't describe how good it felt to watch. I was always amazed when I saw newscasts of previous launches. But to be there live? STUNNING! I just loved it; and my admiration and affection for the shuttle - for what it is and what it represents - has only grown more rooted now.

The simplicity of the shuttle's lines as it clung to the fuel tank, the rumbling and thunder of its rockets, the marshmallow clouds and brilliant light... "AWEsome" in the purest sense of the word. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the shuttle seemed both vulnerable and almighty as it lifted from the earth and soared.

Despite my joy at seeing the launch, I'm genuinely saddened that we're losing such an icon of America's strength and achievements, and a show of its mettle. The now-empty launch pad will stand as a ghostly sign of our nation's declining leadership status among the world (in my opinion) and a foreboding symbol of where I think this country is headed.

I'm so grateful I was there to witness a piece of our history; it's truly the end of an era.

Now that we're home from our trip, it's back to earth, back to reality. And unfortunately, it's back to chemo. T-9 hrs and counting.


Anonymous said...

Good luck

Anonymous said...

God bless you babe. I'm so glad you got to see the last shuttle launch and that you were able to cross it off your bucket list Ann. Our neighbors went too and just showed us the pictures last night. Very awe-inspirting. I love how well you write and I totally agree that it's a ghostly sign of our declinging leadership and a foreboding symbol of where our country may be heading. Shudder to think w/the Nat Debt crisis and tomorrow's looming deadline for our country's financial standing with the stale mate at hand. But on to more important issues. How are you feeling honey? We got your Black Tie Breast Optional Invitation (love the title), and we would be honored to attend. There is no better place to be than by your side at 6pm on the 7th day of the week 8 years to the day that you woke up w/your hair shaved-off after your first chemo treatment. You are such an amazing pillar of strength and grace Ms. Ann Dollard and we would be honored to attend the most important and worthwhile event of the year! We wouldn't miss it for the world honey! We love you so incredibly much and we are praying daily for your recovery. Keep the faith babe. I love you so much Ann Dollard. Love, Maureen, Jake and family

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